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Domainflip es un sistema de aparcamiento de dominio (domain parking) inteligente. Domainflip ofrece sitios web con contenido y anuncios para su inclusión invisibile en los dominios aparcados. Domainflip no utiliza redirección de ningún tipo.

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Audio, Video, TV, Elettronica
Auto, Moto, Trasporto, Barca
Banca, Assicurazione, Finanza
Cellulare, Telefonia, Palm, Fax
Computer, Internet, Software, IT
Incontri, Partnership, Contatti
Immobili, Casa, Arredamento, Giardino
Informazione, Notizie, Politica, Economia
Libro, Musica, Film, Arte
Lifestyle, Moda, Cibo, Bibite
Sport, Benessere, Salute, Belezza
Viaggio, Volo, Albergo, Autonoleggio

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Comunicato stampa:

Domain-Parking senza redirect e con propri link uscenti

Genova, 12 gennaio 2008 - Come il primo ed unico servizio al mondo, l'impresa italiana Domainflip offre dall'inizio dell'anno un domain-parking (pacheggiare domini) senza redirect e con propri link uscenti. I domini parcheggiati rimangono fisicamente sul server del proprietario del dominio e portano un nome sito e uno slogan da Lui scelto mentre i contenuti e gli annunci di Domainflip vengono inclusi invisibilmente. I domini possono anche portare propri link uscenti, dati di contatto indivuduali etc.

Domain-parking tradizionale: Spesso perdita del PR e della posizione nei motori di ricerca

For quite a long time, SEO experts talk about some serious disadvantages of traditional domain-parking programs: The visitors of those parked domains are mostly redirected to a standard advertising page by a DNS or server redirect. This method mostly leads to a complete bounce by the search engines. Also for the Pagerank, Google's powerful indicator of a website's relevance, the traditional domain-parking is purely toxic: The domain often looses its Pagerank completely within a short time period.

La soluzione di Domainflip permette tenere il valore del dominio

The Italian provider's domain-parking that will be interesting especially for domain traders who have to keep the domains' values while parking them, is completely different. The webmaster just puts a small set of Domainflip's domain files on the domain, the rest is done by Domainflip's inclusion technology. After a couple of minutes, an Domainflip topic portal that the webmaster has defined before, shows up on the "parked" domain. The clou: The inclusion is absolutely invisible as it's done on the server side. The result: From the visitor's and the search engines' point of view, the domain is a real fulworthy domain carrying contents, links, contact data etc. So the domain keeps its position in the search engines and its Pagerank. And even more: As reported by domain owners using Domainflip's technology, some domains have even enhanced their search eingines position and their Pagerank while beeing parked.

Propri link uscenti

Domainflip's innovative concept offers some amazing new perspectives for many professionals in the SEO and SEM line: It's possible to show own outbound links on parked domains. This certainly has been completely impossible at traditional domain-parking programs. As professionals know, outbound links are of vital importance for the linkbuilding of brands, campaigns and websites in general and above all for the Pagerank inheritance. Due to the embedding of outbound links on parked domains, domain owners and traders now gain the opportunity to have an efficient link marketing done with parked domains as well for the first time.

Contenuti individuali di alta qualità

The success that Domainflip has had so far, is not only based on their inclusion technology. Another very important factor is the content showing up on Domainflip's portals that, according to Domainflip, is of a pretty high quality. It is not enough, say the Domainflip makers, to offer web pages that mainly consist of advertisements and standarized phrases. Google and the other search engines watch out carefully, what is content and what is advertising and they also keep an eye on the content quality. For these reasons, Domainflip produces enormous amounts of content that is indiviually written by professional authors and saved to Domainflip's databases. Using an elaborated selection system, each new parking domain is then filled with individual content on its creation.

Diversità di categorie, lingue e layout

To make sure that neither the owners nor the visitors of the portals get bored, Domainflip offers its topics portals in a large diversity of categories, languages, layouts etc. Domainflip portals are available in 12 categories, 4 languages (English, German, Italian, French) and more than 100 layout/style combinations. Portal users may define all these criteria in their administration menu with some quick mouse clicks.

Redditi più alti che al domain-parking tradizionale

Last but not least, there is a fact that will probably make domain traders and professional publishers smile: The ad revenues that are realizable using Domainflip's system, are much higher than at traditional domain parking programs and often even higher than at manual publishing strategies. This amazing effect ismainly based on the special conditions Domainflip has negotiated with many large players in the market, such as Google, zanox, commission junction etc. Also, unlike traditional domain parking programs that usually keep about 50% of the ad revenues for themselves, Domainflip pays out 80% of all the ad and paid-links revenues generated from the user's domain.


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